Lawmaker In Louisiana Introduces Bill Requiring Strippers In His State To Be Under 160 Pounds



A lawmaker in Louisiana is in a bit of trouble with his colleagues after introducing an amendment in the state legislature that would limit the age and weight of strippers.

Kenny Havard claimed he was joking when he tried to amend a bill with language that said strippers could not be older than 28 or weigh more than 160 pounds

His proposal was added during the debate over a bill that would require dancers in Louisiana to be 21 or over.

He promptly got owned by everyone else in the legislature.

But a number of members were outraged, calling the amendment and reaction to it embarrassing and disgusting. When state Rep. Nancy Landry (R) asked Havard if he meant such women were unfit to be dancers, audible “ohhs” could be heard from the chamber. Havard responded: “No ma’am, I’m just worried about their health, and I wouldn’t want them to hurt one another.”

Then state Rep. Julie Stokes (R) rose and said, “Looking over this body, I’ve never been more repulsed to be a part of it.”

Even the governor called him an idiot.

Harvard eventually pulled the amendment after the backlash, saying he was trying to poke fun at overregulation.

Havard wound up voting for the bill, which passed 96-0.

[Via The Washington Post]

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