High School Student Delivers OHKO To Security Officer Who Told Him To Stop Talking On His Cell Phone

The fight shown in the video above reportedly took place around 1:30 p.m. at Vincent High School in Milwaukee. According to Daily Mail, a 17-year-old male student hit the 51-year-old security officer after the officer had caught him speaking on a cell phone during school hours and asked him to put it away:

A video of the fight surfaced online not long after the incident and has shocked students at the school.

‘This morning when I came to school, they was talking about it and I actually know the person who did it, and I heard his name and I’m like, is it a video?’ Oscar Rash, a senior, told Fox 6 Now.

‘And I got shown the video and when I seen it I said, ”that’s disrespectful”.

‘I’m cool with him — but he gets no respect for doing something like that to a person like that.

‘He’s older. You can’t do that.’

Officials at the school said the safety officer was treated for minor injuries.

Police are now reportedly looking for the student involved in the fight.

[H/T Daily Mail]