Teacher Asks Student ‘If You’re So Eager To Fight Then Why Don’t You,’ Kid Then Pulverizes Teacher

My 10th grade gym teacher used to make fun of my last name. My last name is “Sacca,” but he would call me “Sack-a-shit.” It’s a solid play on words, and what am I supposed to do fight him? He’s my teacher so that’s out of the question. Plus he’s a failed athlete who tried out for the Philadelphia Phillies, back when they had actually had tryouts for Major League Baseball teams, but he didn’t make the cut and had to resort to being a lowly gym teacher. So in my book, I’ve already had my revenge. However this student took vengeance on his teacher with a physical altercation.

A teacher asks his student, “If you’re so eager to fight then why don’t you?” The youngster replies, “Yo cuz I don’t wanna pop you and get in trouble.” The student probably should have kept this sentiment in mind.

The teacher then takes a verbal shot at the kid, “Then maybe there is a couple brain cells in there.”

The student takes exception to the slight and answers back by beating the shit out of his teacher.

Then in his Kermit the Frog-like voice the teacher screamed the following exclamations as he got his face bashed in:


Why couldn’t this kid handle this squabble with more maturity and less violence. Like send an anonymous email that this teacher is having sex with his students. The pen is mightier than the sword.