Husky University Of Maine Student Gets All Jacked Up For A Keg Stand Despite The Fact That His Friends Can’t Hold Him Up

There’s a specific science behind a successful keg stand. You have to have perfect balance, perfect height, the perfect angle between the keg and your shoulders. There are all kinds of variables that can go wrong. This includes weight displacement. Listen, I’m by no means a small guy. I haven’t shopped anywhere but a Big & Tall outlet store in like five years. But you gotta know your limits. If you’re doing a keg stand, you gotta have guys that can hold your weight without tossing you over the keg like they’re pro wrestler trying to put you through a table. At the very least, they need to know not to stand you straight up. Then all of the sudden you got all the blood rushing to your head. You can’t crush some cold ones when you have a brainful of blood. Read a book.