College Students Assume Damming Incidents Are From Donald Trump, Shocked To Find Out That It Was Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has gotten a reputation for making outlandish proclamations during his run for the presidency of the United States. His brash, unapologetic style of discourse has offended a good deal of potential voters, including Democrats and even Republicans. For better or worse, he is not the polished politician like Hillary Clinton. Because of Trump’s pomposity, combative language and provocative statements many believe he is divisive, racist and sexist.

Campus Reform asked Georgetown University students to match negative situations that have actually happened or quotes with either presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or her GOP rival Donald Trump, and nearly all of them assumed that Trump was involved in the damaging incidents. However, all six of the damming events involved Hillary, which shocked the participants.

The events included: “This candidate wore a $12,000 suit while giving a speech about inequality.”

One of the quotes was, “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran if it attacks Israel. We would obliterate them.”

“Which candidate made a joke about ‘colored people time‘ saying that black people are always late?” Campus Reform asked. “Trump… because he’s racist,” a student responded.

After it was revealed that all of these events were tied or said by Hillary, many of the participants were flummoxed and disappointed.

“Oh, that makes me sad,” one woman replied.

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