Study Says Teen Sexting Is Normal, So Sext Away, Teens

Sexting! Everybody’s doing it. You’re doing it. Your mom is doing it. That dude you just passed on the street who’s married was sexting his mistress, not refreshing his Outlook. Shit, why do you think President Obama insisted on keeping his Blackberry when he took office? Because he likes getting email? No. It’s because he wanted to keep sexting.

It’s just a normal part of life now. Everyone’s pretty much cool with it. The concern is the children. It’s always the children. Is it okay that these teens with their mobiles are getting all explicit at such a young age?

Well, the science is finally out and it sounds like there’s nothing to worry about.

Researchers at the University of Texas tracked over 1,000 teenagers for six years and found that sexting may, these days, be part of a healthy teen lifestyle.

We did not find a link between sexting and risky sexual behavior over time may suggest that sexting is a new “normal” part of adolescent sexual development and not strictly limited to at-risk adolescents.

So, basically, teen sexters can and do engage in consensual, well-informed, risk-mitigating sex. As opposed to organizing condomless orgies via SnapChat. It does note that sexters are, however, more likely to be having sex. Which is kinda obvious, I guess.

Sending a nude photo may communicate to the recipient a level of openness to sexual activity, promote a belief that sex is expected, and serve to increase sexual advances, all of which may increase the chance of future sexual behavior.


[Via io9]