WATCH: Stunt Drivers Take A Truck Muddin’ In Ultra HD Via $250,000 Phantom Flex 4K Camera On A Drone

Three things every dude loves in no particular order: Trucks, gettin’ muddy, and drones. Drone videos are a dime a dozen these days, but no filmmaker has had the cojones to hook up a $250,000 Phantom Flex4k Ultra HD camera to a UAV and capture 1000FPS footage from the sky. Until now.

Curt Morgan and the cinematic warlocks at Brain Farm Cinema are the same guys who wow’d the entire action sports world with Travis Rice’s The Art Of Flight, a stunning $2 million-dollar documentary about snowboarding. His team¬†figured out the physics behind mounting an insanely heavy, insanely expensive 30-pound HD camera to an Aerigon UAV. Then they asked a professional stunt driver to muddy up a Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Tacoma.

The result is Ultra HD drone footage that will blow your mind. Can’t wait to see how slow-mo drone footage gets used in the future.

Life goals: Be the guy in the back of this truck.

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