The FSU Frat Boy Dubbed ‘Zombie Killer’ Had A Creepy BodyBuilding YouTube Channel And Was The World’s Biggest Tool

By now, you’ve probably been introduced to Austin Harrouff, the 19-year-old Florida State University sophomore and Alpha Delta Phi frat member, who brutally stabbed a married couple to death as they sat in the driveway of their Tequesta, Florida home. The attack was completely random and unprovoked.

When a sheriff arrived on the scene, Austin was reportedly on top of one of the victim’s, removing the flesh on his face with his teeth and growling like an animal. The sheriff said it took multiple deputies including use of a stun gun, and a K-9, to get the suspect off the victim and to get him to stop biting the male victim.

Martin County Sheriff Will Snyder said:

“I’ve seen a lot of crime scenes. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything with this much violence.”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is thought that Harrouff ingested the highly dangerous and unpredictable drug flakka, which can cause psychotic breakdowns and extremely erratic behavior.

Harrouff is has been sedated at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, and his condition deteriorated Tuesday to life-threatening, possibly because he ingested something causing intestinal problems, Snyder said.

As authorities try to find a motive for this senseless crime, Austin’s social media presence has come under some scrutiny.

As Uproxx points out,  he created a YouTube channel that he started just five months ago, with a description reading: “I’ve got a psycho side and a normal side. I’ve lost my mind. Help me find it.”

Most of the 54 videos posted to the account focus on bodybuilding or music and karaoke-style covers of popular songs.

In a July 11 rap video titled, “You Do You Freestyle,” he sings: “I’d rather cut using a knife and slit my own throat. I’m like Bugs Bunny, I stick my teeth in because it’s funny. I’m like a Looney Tune, I take a lot of shrooms.”

Check out a few of the videos below to get a glimpse into the mind of a fucking lunatic.


Find me a bigger tool. Or a bigger psycho.

[h/t Uproxx]

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