Guy Has Super Petty Reaction To Getting Turned Down For A Second Date No Bro Should Ever Have

by 3 years ago
texting fail



Hey man, I get it – not every date goes well. Sometimes you THINK it went well when in reality the girl was feeling lukewarm at best towards your witty banter and funny jokes, so when she ends up turning you down for a second date it’s a total bummer.


Unless you splurged hundreds of dollars for that date you took her on, there’s no excuse for asking her to reimburse you. Hell, if she didn’t even ASK for you to blow wads on wads of cash and you took it upon yourself to do so, she STILL shouldn’t have to reimburse you. It’s not her fault you’re a moron, is it?

And if you’re petty enough to ask her to wire transfer you the cost of a cup of coffee…well, it’s no wonder there isn’t going to be a second date:

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4 - U1pwM3P



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