Surfer Loses His Leg In Monstrous Shark Attack In Hawaii (PICS)

A surfer is reeling after most of his leg was gnawed off in a grisly shark attack off Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii. Doctors were left with no choice but to amputate most of Colin Cook’s leg following the horrific injuries he sustained from a vicious shark bite while surfing in a spot called the “Leftovers.”

The 25-year-old had his leg bitten and hands injured until it swam away after Cook repeatedly punched the 12-foot-long beast. Cook’s cousin, Chris Webster, said Colin swam to another surfer after the attack who paddled him to shore. Quick-thinking people on the tragic scene made a tourniquet from a surfboard leash to stop the excessive bleeding before emergency services transported him to a hospital.

Webster told KHON-TV that doctors amputated above the knee, but that Colin is handling his unfortunate situation well. “I got there and I was all, ‘What’s up? I heard you were fighting with a shark.’ And he started laughing and smiling. He’s all, ‘Yeah, I got a couple good cracks on him.’ So he was in good spirits.”

So far this year, this is the fifth shark attack in Hawaii. in April, one person died after a shark attack in Maui.

There are unverified photos on Twitter and Instagram that may show the surfer’s horrifying injury, but they are extremely graphic. You can see them here and here.