Survey Says That Chicks Hate The Man Bun So Can You Guys Like, Stop

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We all know that guy. The one with the messy man bun intended to look like he just threw it up there even though he spent the better half of the morning un-bunning and re-bunning it. He usually wears a jean jacket over an artsy Urban Outfitters shirt that is buttoned up to the top button. He smokes cigarettes and has a perfectly managed five o’clock shadow and condescendingly snickers when you tell him you’re a blogger. No one knows exactly what he does for work besides trying to fuck your girlfriend like it’s his job. Relentless.

And that man bun. That fucking man bun. I could probably warm up to the dude if that ball of yarn perched on the top of his head wasn’t so goddamn instigating, but it is, and I simply don’t like him for it.

That’s why I was pumped to learn that the man bun isn’t as appealing to women as I once thought. According to a survey done by West Coast Shaving, around 35% of American women don’t like the hairstyle and 27% flat out hate it. See the below graphic for more promising information.

West Coast Shaving also surveyed the states where the man bun is most prevalent and its unsettling spike in popularity in recent years.

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West Coast Shaving

Granted, this survey was performed by a company that specializes in grooming, so these results are convenient. But I like to believe in West Coast Shaving’s integrity, and I’ll find any excuse to stomp out the man bun at its roots.

So there you have it, fellas. Chicks don’t like your greasy samurai knot. Except my ex. Who ended up fucking that dude I mentioned earlier. Excuse me while I go drown myself.

[H/T Complex]

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