Swimsuit Model Who Johnny Manziel Was ‘Intimate’ With Last Weekend Says He ‘Doesn’t Feel Great’ About His Situation

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In a recent interview with UK tabloid Daily Mail, swimsuit model Bianca Ghezzi revealed that despite all the videos of Johnny Manziel making it rain on strippers in Miami and of him drinking/partying mere hours after his domestic violence case was sent to the grand jury, he’s not actually a bad guy. Not at all! And why would she think otherwise, considering that he blew $4,100 a night for Bianca and her friends to spend last weekend with him at a waterfront villa in Miami?

The 23-year-old admits that she was intimate with the star while he is in Miami and even posted a video on Instagram of her in a bed with the shirtless football player, his distinctive tattoos clearly visible.

The short video clip also shows Ghezzi displaying her ample cleavage and other bikini-clad girls throwing piles of dollar bills off a balcony in to the pool at the property.(via)

The clip in question:

While ordinary people like you and I would probably recognize when it’s time to cut our losses and maybe lay low for a while, according to Ghezzi Johnny’s way of coping is to go out and party:

‘When Johnny gets upset, his friends are saying, “you know what, why don’t we go out to dinner, let’s go out to this club’.

‘There’s no recklessness about it, he’s doing what any average guy his age would be doing and his friends are doing their best to be supportive.’(via)

Yeah sure, any dude in their early 20’s would logically choose partying over staying at home and being sad – but this isn’t any dude we’re talking about. You can’t be famous for being a complete failure in the NFL, allegedly assault your girlfriend and THEN be like “Hey you know what would cheer me up? Strippers and vodka.” Plain and simple, it looks fucking awful. Doesn’t matter that Ghezzi says that she’s sure that Manziel “doesn’t feel great about the situation” — actions speak louder than words baby, and the way he’s acting right now most likely won’t do him any favors in his potential domestic violence case:

‘For the situation that’s going on you’d think he would be taking it a lot harder but I think he’s trying to stay positive with everything that’s going on.

‘If you sit around and think about all the negative things that are potentially going to happen, I think it’s going to drive you crazy.’

Manziel also avoided mentioning his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, the girl he is accused of assaulting after a late night row.

‘He’s such a sweetheart, he’s a reserved guy. He doesn’t talk often, he’s really quiet,’ said Ghezzi.

‘I don’t think he’d want to bring Colleen up with me.’(via)

Yeah no shit – at least the guy is smart enough to not talk about an ongoing case with some random bikini model who’s cheap enough that she’ll sell the story of her weekend with Manziel to the highest bidder.

Realizing that the way she’s painted Manziel isn’t exactly a shining endorsement despite her best attempts at making him out to be a nice guy (protip: repeatedly saying “he’s such a sweetheart” when the “sweetheart” in question is in the midst of a domestic violence case makes you look like a moron), Ghezzi goes on to say that he genuinely isn’t “overdoing it,” and elaborates by saying “he’s not taking drugs.”

Gee whiz, what a miracle.

‘It’s Miami and things get a little out of control down here and he’s able to keep himself together, he’s not completely wasted all the time, he’s not taking drugs,’ she said.

‘He’s purposely trying to keep himself away from people taking pictures of him, all the girls he doesn’t know who are trying to get his attention.

‘He’s surrounding himself with friends that care about him.’(via)

If his friends really cared about him they would sit him down, smack him across the face and scream “YOU REALIZE HOW BAD YOU LOOK IN THE MEDIA RIGHT NOW, RIGHT? Maybe let’s not go out partying tonight, yeah?”

To the best of my knowledge that has yet to happen.

When Manziel first arrived in the city he booked in to a five-star hotel on Miami Beach.

But he was forced to switch hotels every night due to the attention he was getting, according to Ghezzi, before eventually moving to the luxury villa.

‘People were finding out where he was staying and they were following him and taking photos,’ explains Ghezzi.

‘There are girls who are coming up to his table in clubs and pretending they are with him.

‘There’s a sense of frustration with Johnny, he’s trying to avoid all that.’(via)

Then stop clubbing you fucking idiot.

As for what happened between her and Manziel at his $4,100 a night villa, well…

Asked what happened between her and Manziel at the villa, she responded with a giggle: ‘You will have to ask Johnny about that.’

She added on her suggestive Instagram video: ‘I wasn’t straddling him, I was sitting next to him on a bed and he gave me his wrist band.

‘I didn’t even realize his tattoos were so noticeable.’

‘Johnny was really sweet to everyone at the house, if people wanted food he would give them money to get groceries. This guy is such a huge gentleman.’

‘When I would leave to go to my place to change, he would Facetime me and say, ‘Hey Bianca just wanted to make sure you got home safe.’

‘People are making him out to be this horrible person, but he does have this Texas air, this chivalry and cute little accent, it sounds cliché, but how do you say something negative about someone who is constantly concerned about your well-being.

‘People are saying that all Johnny does is party, but his rationale is, ‘well I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t.’(via)

Lame Bianca, lameeeeeee. And you’re wrong about what people say about Johnny – if he stopped partying and got his shit together with the Cleveland Browns I’m sure people would be ecstatic. In fact it’d be one hell of a comeback story, and who doesn’t like it when those happen in real life?

Despite Ghezzi’s introspective, highly intelligent and definitely not fame-mongering revelations about Manziel, the fact remains that even his father is afraid that his son won’t live to see his next birthday without some sort of intervention. And while Manziel has so far denied the alleged attack on Crowley, one thing remains certain: if he doesn’t get his shit together he may very well just be dead in the water.

[Via Daily Mail]

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