Trust Me, You’re Going To Want To See How This Talented Young Woman Makes A Balloon Disappear

Some people can dominate a room, whether it be with their devastating good looks or their mesmerizing charm and personality. Others like this young woman capture the hearts and minds of curious onlookers with a fascinating party trick involving a balloon.

This talented lass demands the attention of an entire room when she begins to blow up a very long balloon with a hand pump. I was immediately intrigued and said to myself, “Oh boy! She’s gonna make balloon animals! I hope she makes an elephant!” Holy shit was I was wrong and I couldn’t have been happier. She didn’t make balloon animals. She did something far, far more awe-inspiring.

She placed the elongated balloon in her mouth and slowly slid it into her body and kept sliding, and sliding, and sliding until it disappeared. By the end of her fantastic performance she had swallowed the entire 4-foot long balloon.


I bet there is a line of suitors that are anxious to take her for a nice dinner at Bennigan’s to woo her.

I understand she popped the balloon, but she didn’t clutch the balloon tightly to stop air from escaping. I honestly don’t want to know her tricks for performing her gag, I just want to believe in her magical abilities.

What I do want to know is how does one find out that they have this particular talent in the first place?

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