Watch This Guy Aggressively Confront Cops And React To Tasers Like He’s Getting Tickled

If you screw with the cops, you’re going to get shot. If not with bullets, with tasers. This lunatic “menacing” people in the Chelsea section of NYC didn’t care about bullets or bolts of lightening.

From Gothamist:

Police say that Robert Bolster, 54, had displayed a knife and waved it at people walking by in the vicinity of 23rd Street and 6th Avenue that afternoon. A witness said he was also brandishing a cane and menacing people with that.

Cops were flagged down and they tracked him to the building at 43 W. 24th Street around 3 p.m. Although the man appears to be cooperating in the video, police say he resisted arrest, and one cop Tasered him.

Bolster took the tasering as if he were getting tickled and even blurted out things like “stop that” and “there’s no need for that” and possibly “I’m gonna tinkle myself if you don’t cut it out.”

Bolster was arrested and received another strike was added to his list of infractions dating back to 1985 — back to the good old days of billy clubs and Billy Idol. In those days, the cops REALLY knew how to tickle.

[via Gothamist]

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