Awesome Taxi Driver Gives Ducklings Free $21.00 Cab Ride Out Of Harm’s Way, Has An Amazing Outlook On Life

This Calgary taxi driver who rescued a mother duck and her nine baby ducklings from the middle of a crowded intersection is just a great human being with an amazing outlook on life.

His name is Urga Adunga, and he drives for Checker Yellow Cabs. During a routine day at work last Thursday, Adunga came across the ducklings stranded in traffic at 16th Ave. and Shaganappi Trail.

With an empty seat in the back, Adunga’s taxi driver instincts kicked in. This kind of stuff totally reaffirms your faith in humanity.

With a cab full of feathered passengers, he drove the ducks to the Bow River. It’s a cab ride he estimates to be worth about $21, but of course, it was a free ride.

“It was amazing and I was happy to serve them.”

How could you not love this bro!? What a great message Adunga purveys.

See, this story here, it’s a lot bigger than a good person doing something good; it’s about having a positive outlook on life and humanity.

“As a human it is our responsibility to protect those animals, and nature and the environment,” he said. “I could do it again too. Not only the animals, humans too. We have to rescue each other, we have to help each other.”

A big tip of the hat to you today, Urga. Somewhere in Calgary, those ducklings are enjoying a beautiful day right now.