Teacher Gets Axed For Having Kids Write Why They Hate Classmate On Blackboard

I don’t like kids. They’re annoying and too honest. A kid has no qualms about calling you out on your flaws. Want to feel zero self-confidence? Hang around a kid with a huge pimple on your face. You’ll lock yourself in your bedroom until its gone.

So, naturally I avoided all professions that involve children. (You could make the case that everyone in this BroBible office are just children with facial hair, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

The story at hand is the woman who entered the teaching profession not to mold this nation’s youth into thoughtful, compassionate people, but to shred confidence and teach hate and discrimination. She probably didn’t mention her approach in the interview.

Madeline Luciano was fired from a Brooklyn, New York middle school after city investigators concluded that she had her entire eighth grade class write why they hated a particular student on the chalkboard. WITH THE STUDENT IN THE CLASSROOM.

The “assignment” was given after the 13-year-old student came back from the principals office to find her backpack turned inside out and the papers within it shredded.

When Luciano asked the class what happened, many shouted that the girl was “annoying” and “stupid,” according to the report.

Then, inexplicably, the teacher told the students to write a letter, as an assignment, indicating why they felt that way.

A student then got up and started writing the responses on the chalkboard.





Among some of the more hurtful keywords shouted.

Luciano told authorities that the exercise stopped when the student predictably started crying. The student who was writing the insults on the chalkboard then erased all the insults and wrote “Sorry.”

Luciano was fired from the middle school, but is planning to appeal the termination filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, citing that the penalty was too harsh and her firing was an “abuse of discretion.”

Luciano obviously doesn’t understand how impressionable young minds are. Lena Davis said I looked like I had down syndrome in eighth grade and I’m only starting to believe its not true at 27-years-old. It’s not true, right?

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