Google’s New Anti-Malware Software VirusTotal Will Shield Any Guy’s Computer From The Dirtiest Of Sites

How the hell does one go about removing malware so deeply embedded in your computer that even replacing your hard drive won’t clean house? Thanks to VirusTotal, a newly launched malware-hunting subsidiary of Google, any malware your motherboard might pick up amidst potentially dirty internet exploration is in a word, toast.

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Some depraved and technologically gifted fuckers out there created malware that can superspawn and reinstall itself on your computer every time you turn it on, which kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning it out on a regular basis. VirusTotal allows for you to scan your computer’s BIOS and UEFI firmware (in english: the shit that links your hardware, software, and tells your computer how to boot) for any malicious content. If this grand innovative Google-backed add-on works, your PC’s in for a much healthier ride for the rest of its days.

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