Ted Cruz Just Zodiac Killed Deadspin By Expertly Trolling Them On Twitter

It all started with an innocent request by Deadspin asking for a photo of Ted Cruz playing basketball. The unusual plea stemmed from a Politico story which stated that Cruz started a weekly basketball game where he urged fellow colleagues to attend.

Then something incredible happened. The U.S. Senator from Texas became self-aware that he oddly resembles Grayson Allen (Ted Cruz also looks like a woman who appeared on Maury and Kevin from The Office).

Ted Cruz then savagely trolled Deadspin with this one blistering tweet.

And just like that, Ted blew up Deadspin with his Cruz missile.

Left in shock, Deadspin could only muster this comeback.

Ted then brought down the basketball ring with this powerful follow-up dunk.

Who knew that Ted had memes? Ted probably should have used some memes when he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

The Zodiac Killer strikes again.

Cruz, who is not winning the “Most Beloved Person in the Universe” Award anytime soon, was heralded as winning the internet on this night.

The writer of the article, Ashley Feinberg, vehemently denies that she was owned.

Others disagree.