Idaho High School On Lockdown After Teen Threatens To Shoot Up His School Because Girls Refused To Send Him Nudes

school shooter


Is there such a thing as negative chill? When the phrase ‘no chill’ doesn’t quite cut it?

Well, the story of this 15-year-old Idaho student threatening to shoot up his school because girls wouldn’t send him nudies should be the poster story for negative chill.

According to Idaho’s KIDK 3, Pocatello Police Department and school district staff have Highland High School under lockdown to address a potential threat was called in from an anonymous tipster.

The threat surfaced online in the form of text messages the unnamed student sent a female who refused to send him naked photos of herself.

school shooter

Death and Taxes

According to Death and Taxes Mag, the student planned to kill all of the girls before killing himself in the school weight room.

The student received text messages from his classmates who caught wind of his plan trying to talk him down.

“This,” texted a friend. “over freaking nudes? Dude.”

The 15-year-old was charged with one count of threatening violence at a school and another count of telephone harassment.

He reportedly has a history of alarming behavior, namely spewing out derogatory comments to females on Twitter and making racist comments, even going so far to threaten President Obama.

The great news is that his classmates reported the behavior before any carnage ensued. The disturbing news is that it’s probable that this dude is going to be back to his old tricks if he doesn’t get some serious help immediately.

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