Teens Girls Charged With Plotting ‘Columbine Style’ Attack On High School And Their Defense Team Has An Interesting Strategy


Two teens in Colorado have been charged with “conspiracy to commit first-degree murder under extreme indifference and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder after deliberation” after authorities got wind of a “Columbine style” attack the two were planning aimed at their high school.

Brooke Higgins and Sienna Johnson, both 16, allegedly had a fascination with the Columbine tragedy. The pair allegedly wrote in diary (Higgins) that they were looking for “someone who’s got what it takes” to execute an attack on Mountain Vista High School in Castle Rock, Colorado and that together the pair would be “unstoppable” in making school “a living fucking nightmare.” Higgins allegedly went so far as to do online research about female mass shooters and searched whether or not minors could purchase guns at gun shows.

Each girl has their own defense team with one attorney doing everything he can to distance his client from the other defendant.

The defense argued having a fascination with guns and Columbine is not a crime: “This is a thought crime, at best,” Higgins’s lawyer said.

The same lawyer is looking to distance his client from Johnson, maintaining the two girls were merely acquaintances and that Johnson, who has allegedly brought a BB gun to school before and harmed pets in the past, was the driving force behind the plan.

The defense will have a hard time arguing “thought crime” since Johnson was found with a detailed map of where everyone in school would be at a certain time and she allegedly texted a friend saying she “would warn her before the attack so she would know not to come to school.”

Both women are being tried as adults.

[via Esquire]