Texas Bikers Who Were At The Twin Peaks Shooting That Killed 9 Speak Out, Say It Was The Cops Who Lit Them Up


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Back in May, the nation was captivated by the terrifying story out of Waco, Texas of a massive confrontation between biker gangs that left nine dead, 20 wounded and almost 200 hundred arrested.

The tales from it kept getting wilder and wilder. All told, police claimed to collect over 1,000 weapons, and, in a unprecedented move, set bail for every biker arrested at $1,000,000. They did it saying rival gangs were at war and that was the only way to keep the peace.

Now that time has passed, that narrative is coming under question.

In a fantastic piece of journalism, GQ reporter Nathaniel Penn went down to Waco and unearthed a much different tale.

What started as a peaceful meeting between the largest gang in Texas, the Banditos, and its rival, the Cossacks, at a Twin Peaks turned edgy.

Anonymous Cossack #1: A group of seven Bandidos rolled up on bikes, furious that we were parking up front. They hit one of our prospects, an older guy—ran over his foot.

Reginald Weathers (Bandidos, from court testimony at his bail hearing): My president and vice president tried to back in, and immediately the Cossacks on the porch came out and started pushing their bikes [away], saying they couldn’t park there.

Anonymous Cossack #1: Of course, we’re not gonna back down. We’re men. One of our sergeants at arms—our guys in charge of security—said, “We can take our cuts [vests with club patches] off right now, and you and I can fight.” The guy says, “No, we’re not doin’ that.” Our sergeant at arms says, “Then let’s go in and have a beer and talk about it.”

Things calmed down, but another confrontation sparked another fist fight. That’s when a shot rang out. Most everyone there agreed it was a warning shot, fired to startle. What happens next is up for debate. Many Cossacks and Banditos say undercover cops were already in place, and after one shot rang out, basically decided to light the place up.

Some bikers believe there’s an even more sinister explanation: that a firefight of some kind was supposed to happen—that it was all part of a plan by the Waco P.D. to provoke bitter rivals into a public brawl that could be violently crushed and then used as a basis for sweeping RICO indictments.

We basically walked into an ambush,” says the Cossacks’ Jon “Hondo” Moses. “The die was cast as soon as we rode into that parking lot.”

Immediately after the shots rang out, members of both gangs say the sound of bullets switched from the handguns their members carry to the assault weapons police deal in.

Anonymous motorcycle-club member: Now, the first two or three pops—me and half my crew being ex-military, we know what small-arms fire from pistols sounds like. We also know what squad automatic weapons [typically used by the military and law enforcement] sound like. After the third pop, it was nothing but squad automatic weapons.

Which is when the scene turned ugly.

Anonymous Cossack #1: I got shot, and I didn’t know it until it started burning. I looked down and saw a hole. It was bleeding pretty bad. I wadded my shirt and held it and yelled out, “I’m hit!” Then I saw Diesel [a fellow Cossack] get shot in the forehead. He also took cover next to me. He wasn’t shooting or nothing.

Anonymous Cossack #2: I watched the top of Diesel’s head come off and land on another dude’s jeans. I was probably ten yards away from where it happened. And his son was standing right there beside him and watched it happen. Watched his dad die. Another brother of mine had a gut-shot hole I could’ve stuck my thumb in. He had Diesel’s brains on his pant leg.

Anonymous Cossack #2: I have a couple of friends in the Cossacks who’ve done three tours in Iraq. They’re like, “I’ve never seen no shit like this before.”

The conclusion both gangs came to is that it had to be police.

“Harried handgun fights are usually a pretty inaccurate situation,” says Cossacks chapter president John Wilson. “Head shots happen by mistake, if at all. Someone got lucky. To have that many guys hit with torso shots and head shots—in my experience, I would say that indicates you had trained people with long rifles and optical sights. That’s accurate, aimed fire.” (3)

A rival Bandido, who declined to be named, reached the same conclusion: “Seven of the nine [dead] were head shots or chest shots. Who trains for that? Who?”

After it was over, bikers allege that cops refused to help the wounded, cuffing people who were shot, leaving them to bleed to death on the pavement.

Then the real shady shit by the authorities started

Go read the entire piece now, because it really will make you rethink what happened.