The Texas Law Hawk Is Back For A Special Christmas-Themed Message About YOUR Rights As A Citizen

Fort Worth-based defense attorney Bryan Wilson, a.k.a. The Texas Law Hawk, is the YouTube era’s real-life Saul Goodman. Last October he released one of the best YouTube gems I’ve ever come across, complete with dirt bikes and explosions. In case you forgot, he gave us my favorite lawyerin’ phrase since Charlie Kelly became a bird lawyer. “DUE PROCESS? DO WHEELIES:”

Ft. Worth-based defense attorney Bryan Wilson, a.k.a. The Texas Law Hawk. Wilson is as Bro as it gets — he’s young, a total stud, fratted hard in college, loves the shit out of America, and knows YOUR RIGHTS as a citizen. He even has a guide to “5 Things You Should Know When Police Come to Your House” on his website, complete with illustrations from Home Alone about your 4th Amendment rights when dealing with the authorities.

Wilson graduated from Texas A&M as an undergrad, according to his bio. For law school, he graduated top 7% of his law school class at Texas Tech University School of Law. In 2014,  Fort Worth, Texas Magazine named him Top Attorney of Tarrant County with under five years of practice.

 In honor of the yuletide spirit, The Texas Law Hawk is back with a holiday-themed message about knowing your rights this holiday season. It wouldn’t be a Texas Law Hawk video without flamethrowers and Santa getting pulled over by the cops. Good thing Santa knows his protections against search and seizure under the 4th Amendment.

“Always remember to remain polite, refuse consent to searches, and ask for your attorney.”

The Texas Law Hawk is the damn patriot America needs right now.

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