Woman Texting While Driving Winds Up With GIANT METAL POLE Stuck Up Her Butt

I’ll admit it: I text while I drive. To be fair though, it’s only in response to really important messages like “Wanna get dinner” or “Omggggg I’m sooooo hungoverrrrr.” You can’t let riveting, time sensitive shit like that go without a response for long y’know.

But after reading about how Christina Jahnz wound up with a giant metal pole stuck up her ass after she decided to answer a text while driving, maybe a few of the texts I get that are along the lines of “Haha he texted me a winky face, what do I say back?” can wait until I pull over.

A woman crashed her car trying to send a text message while driving – and ended up with a pole through her BUTTOCKS.

Christina Jahnz said she was late for a meeting after dropping her daughter off at school in Elizabeth, Colorado, when she attempted to send a voice text through her mobile phone.

But in glancing down, she took her eyes off the road and ended up crashing into a guardrail.

The impact forced the wooden beam through her car and into her thigh and buttocks.

Firefighter were forced to cut either end of the pole before transporting Ms Jahnz to hospital where it was removed in surgery
Ms Jahnz, who is expected to make a full recovery, said: “I lost count of the number of stitches after 40.”

Doctors said she was extremely lucky the pole missed her major arteries.

Via Mirror

She’s lucky she’s not in a Final Destination movie, otherwise that pole woulda gone riiiight through her…


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