The ‘Bronut’ Is About To Dominate The Entire Dessert World

by 4 years ago

Much like the time ‘Chad’ swooped in and stole your girlfriend at a party one time and proceeded to make out with her in front of you, so too is the ‘Bronut’ about to unseat the ‘Cronut’ as the alpha dessert in all of the world. Ever since Dominique Ansel dropped the Cronut on the world, every other pastry chef in the game has been clamoring to keep up with his unique creation. Like a savvy businessman, Dominique Ansel trademarked the Cronut, and put a stop on all the busted pastry chefs from Paris to L.A. jacking his creation. But gone are the days of the Cronut, today we usher in the Age of the Bronut.

The Bronut is a ‘brioche-inspired doughnut’ and the brainchild of Moha Orchid, owner and baker of the Jolie Patisserie in Harlem. The Bronut costs only $5 (same prices at the Cronut), and here’s the description given on the Jolie Patisserie website for this over-the-top pastry:

“flaky, multi-layer donut filled with vanilla Moroccan rosewater butter cream made from brioche dough”

Already bros and lady bros alike are flocking to Harlem to sink their teeth into one of these decadent pastries. Here’s what you can expect if you make a trip to Harlem to get your hands on a Bronut:


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B R O N U T. It's a thing.

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So bros, any of you heading to Harlem to get your hands on a Bronut? Let me know down below in the comments and maybe the BroBible team will come meet you there.