Watch The Mountain Crush The World Record By Tossing A Keg Into Orbit

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is a big star these days. He has a pretty popular and reoccurring role on the biggest TV show on the planet since he is The Mountain on Game of Thrones. You’d think this new found international fame might tempt Björnsson to rest on his laurels for his original profession of being a kickass Strongman. But no fucking way. Björnsson is chucking kegs to ridiculous new heights.

On Monday, Björnsson was in Botswana to compete in the Olympics for really, really brawny dudes AKA 2016 World’s Strongest Man competition. The Mountain participated in the keg toss event also known as the “Fuck the cops are here at our house party that has underage drinking.” Björnsson hurled a 33-pound keg about 7.15 meters or just over 23 feet.

The Icelandic giant throwing a keg to that insane height set a new world record. The Mountain broke his own world record.

When he’s not catapulting kegs into the atmosphere, Björnsson is lifting his heavy balls.

Seeing him fling a keg that high with such ease makes make very worried for Septa Unella in GoT. It’s a shame.