There’s Gonna Be A Show Where A Dude Just Eats A Lot Of Tacos And You Will Watch It Stoned

Most of you probably know chef Aarón Sánchez from his grilling (get it?) of contestants on the cooking competition Chopped. 

Sánchez, before he was a television star, got his chops (get it??) cooking traditional Mexican food as a kid for his mother’s catering company. So the dude knows a taco.

And on Food Network’s Cooking Channel, he’s gonna have himself a show where he just travels and eats tacos. It’s called Taco Trip (get it???), and Sánchez will visit six cities, eating tacos and other traditional Hispanic cuisines.

Along the way, Sanchez will visit New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia and Nashville. Good places for some tacos, if you ask me.

The six-episode show will premiere on December 16 at 9:30 p.m.

So start packing your bongs now. Because you will watch this high.

[Via Eater]