Hundreds Of People Shared What They Think Millennials Will Be Most Embarrassed By In 20 Years And These Are Spot On

by 3 years ago

It’s always fun to look into the past with a microscope and laugh at the things that seemed normal at the time but which are completely hilarious and embarrassing now. In the 1980s it was hypercolor shirts and mullet haircuts, in the 1990s it was things like JNCO jeans and jean shorts, bowl haircuts, and boy bands.

While looking forward into the future hundreds and hundreds of people responded to the question ‘What are millennials going to be embarrassed about in twenty years?’ and I gotta say, most of these answers are EXTREMELY SPOT ON…The top responses are below (the #1 response is at the end of this post), but I want you bros to think when reading through these about how it’s not too late to make the necessary changes so that we’re not embarrassed as hell when looking back 20 years from now…In a way this is kind of a blueprint on things you should stop doing RIGHT NOW in order to have a successful future. If you bros have any responses you’d like to add to the ones below hit me down in the comments of this post and I’ll likely add them here.

What Are Millennials Going To Be Embarrassed About In Twenty Years?

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