Hundreds Of People Shared What They Think Millennials Will Be Most Embarrassed By In 20 Years And These Are Spot On

It’s always fun to look into the past with a microscope and laugh at the things that seemed normal at the time but which are completely hilarious and embarrassing now. In the 1980s it was hypercolor shirts and mullet haircuts, in the 1990s it was things like JNCO jeans and jean shorts, bowl haircuts, and boy bands.

While looking forward into the future hundreds and hundreds of people responded to the question ‘What are millennials going to be embarrassed about in twenty years?’ and I gotta say, most of these answers are EXTREMELY SPOT ON…The top responses are below (the #1 response is at the end of this post), but I want you bros to think when reading through these about how it’s not too late to make the necessary changes so that we’re not embarrassed as hell when looking back 20 years from now…In a way this is kind of a blueprint on things you should stop doing RIGHT NOW in order to have a successful future. If you bros have any responses you’d like to add to the ones below hit me down in the comments of this post and I’ll likely add them here.

What Are Millennials Going To Be Embarrassed About In Twenty Years?


Not voting while the boomers take our generation to pound town and ensure they get their payouts from systems they underfunded


Man buns and skinny jeans. The word “swag.”


All the shit they post on social media without a second thought, especially if they ever run for public office.


Memes. I’m already embarassed about the time I spent on meme pages of reddit in middle school, let alone how embarassing it’ll be in 20 years.


That they majored in Film Studies and now bartend at Chili’s.


How many hours I wasted away staring at a screen.
“Hey grandma, what did you do for fun?!” “Well, I got front page on Reddit once.”


Safe spaces


The overuse of the phrases “lit” “turn up” and “yolo”


These kids who grew up with phones and social media accounts starting at 10 years old don’t really understand what they’re putting online. I mean I made my facebook when i was 13, pretty cautious person even then when it was just my peers and college kids using facebook and i cringe at being able to have a social media account at that age. You cant delete messages unless the other person deletes them too, and who knows if they really are gone forever if that happens. Luckily i understand that it’s just middle school secrets hidden in there for me but these kids now are going to have to deal with a shitpocalypse if these social media apps and sites are ever breached since they post anything and everything online. I don’t know how all that works and if someone could theoretically release all their private information but damn, it’s scary to think about.
Especially scary is Snapchat. Teens and younger using Snapchat, sending anything to each other. I’ve read Snapchat only keeps the photos sent as a way to cover their asses but if they really don’t disappear forever and something catastrophic happens, uh oh. I haven’t gone full tin foil hat but i’ve become a lot more careful with whatever information i send or post.
tl;dr all ur nudez r belong to the internet


How they’ve turned colleges from free thinking venues that thrived on debate and opposing viewpoints and turned them into tightly controlled political echo chambers where dissidents are aggressively shamed and silenced.


The crotchety old fucks who think we’re everything that’s wrong with the world and think that every new facet of culture is the epitome of idiocy and a sign of how millenials are ruining society.

And last but certainly not least, the #1 thing millennials agreed that they will regret 20 years from now….


Naming Caitlyn Jenner woman of the year.

If you’ve got some things you want to add to these responses by all means hit me down below in the comments and tell me what it is you think millennials will regret the most 20 years from now! (via AskReddit)

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