These Are All The Things Vin Diesel Did To Piss Off The Rock On The Set Of ‘Fast 8,’ According To The Production Crew

Last we left off on the whole “Who Is The Rock Pissed At From The Cast Of Fast 8” saga, Tyrese Gibson had come out to write a (now deleted) Instagram post about how as a cast they’re all one big family, despite The Rock calling an unnamed co-star a “candy ass.”

Supposedly the candy ass in question is Vin Diesel, with production sources commenting that the two had friction caused by Vin making decisions as a producer that didn’t go over too hot with Rock. But what was it exactly that got him boiled over to the point that he felt he had to unload in an Instagram post? According to production sources who talked with TMZ, it was largely a matter of work ethic:

The Rock has been upset with Vin’s work ethic for a long time, and he’s not alone. Members of the crew tell us Vin was often 30 minutes to an hour late to shoot scenes … and it wasn’t because he was late to the set — he was simply in his trailer and wouldn’t come out.

We’re told Vin didn’t like Monday 7 AM calls so production was forced to make the start time 10 AM to accommodate him.

Not gonna lie, getting up in time to make it to work at 7 a.m. sounds like a real drag, so if I were The Rock I’d be giving Vin a high-five for bumping it back by three hours. Being late, on the other hand, is extremely annoying when you’re the other person being kept waiting, and imagine that you’re keeping an entire movie crew waiting and not just a lunch date – yeah, what a dick.

Sources continued on to say that they felt like Vin’s arrogance was “out of control” and that in part it was because of his producer title. Whenever someone on set had a suggestion or idea, Vin reportedly wouldn’t listen and would instead provoke people by criticizing their acting, including The Rock.

Yeah…that Instagram post is making more and more sense every day.

As for The Rock, the crew apparently love the guy and consider him the “ultimate professional,” as he was always on-time and frequently nailed his scenes.

With any luck their real-world tension will translate well on film, not just become another annoying media frenzy to gossip over.

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