Don’t Let Your Eyes Deceive You, This Is Not A Gigantic Boulder, It’s Much More Awesome Than That

by 4 years ago

Dylan Perrenoud / 3D Foundation Verbier

This secret hunting cabin in the Alps of Switzerland is very definition of ‘cabin porn’. Designed to sit hidden among the Swiss alpine landscape, you could walk past the ANTOINE cabin a hundred times before realizing that what you’re actually seeing isn’t a massive boulder, but instead it’s a camouflaged hunting cabin. Log cabins are dope, I’ve been known to spend many a weekend throughout the Summer and Fall holed up in a log cabin building fires and trying my hardest to keep those fires contained within the fireplace.


Dylan Perrenoud / 3D Foundation Verbier

But after coming across the ANTOINE boulder cabin in the Swiss Alps I’m no longer convinced log cabins are the apex of the cabin world. I think I’ve mistakenly been putting the log cabin p*ssy up on a pedestal, and I now believe that camouflaged cabins are actually the end-all-be-all of the cabin world.


Dylan Perrenoud / 3D Foundation Verbier

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