This Story Is Exactly Why You Don’t Go Around Unzipping People’s Hoodies, Especially If They’re Girls



There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look at boobs, but trying to come up with some bullshit excuse like “Hurr durr I was wondering what kind of shirt you had on” is going to make you look like a moron moreso than an accidental pervert. Not that you want to be an accidental pervert either – being any sort of pervert probably isn’t ideal; but if you’re genuinely wondering what kind of shirt a girl wearing a zip-up hoodie is wearing, it’s probably best to just ask her rather than going up and ripping her clothes off. Who knows? She might just be naked under there.

One of the brave and few, this actually happened today.

I was talking in the hallway with one of my friends who is a girl and today is pajama day at our school. People were walking by and we were just talking
Im fairly comfortable with most of my friends that are girls so i wanted to see what shirt she was wearing

So i do what any teenage male that doesn’t think before he acts.
I unzipped her hoodie in the middle of a hallway where many people were traveling through. She wasnt wearing a shirt

So after showing everyone in the hallway my friends melons Lots of nervous laughter and red faces. Being yelled at and laughed at im sitting across the table from her in study hall and the first thing she says to me after a couple hours

“I told your mother”(via)

Tl;dr: don’t go around unzipping people’s clothing without asking, duh.

[Via Reddit]

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