Throwing A Girl Off A Boat Super Fail

by 3 years ago

Throwing little kids into a pool or pond can be tons of fun and they’re light enough that you can really toss them a good distance. They’re having a ball, you’re throwing your back out, but whatever your little niece or nephew smiling because they just got catapulted 10-feet in the air is worth it. However that shit should have a limit. There should be a rule that there’s no throwing people over the age of 7-years-old. After that age there is way too much that can go wrong. Take this young lady for example.

Two gentlemen attempt to launch a woman off a boat and it does not go as planned. They both throw the girl, but the hefty guy attempts to abort the launch. He tries to catch her after right after he had thrown her and instead of splish-splashing into the water, she smashes her head on the railing and lands hard on the floor.

This is how not to throw a girl off a boat, unless your goal is to snap her neck.

No more throwing people over the age of 7-years-old, especially if you’re drunk on a boat.


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