Girl Starts Tinder Conversation By Telling Guy To Go Vegan, He Replies With A Match-Ending Response

The above Tinder conversation started off innocent enough — a question of “what’s good?” and a response of “the sky is nice.” It’s not an actual answer to the question but maybe this girl is big into statements. No small talk, just honesty from the jump.

Then she gets a little flighty…

Yes, nature is nice. What’s not good? Hmmmm. A cloudy sky? A flat tire? My mom off her meds? There’s a ton of possibilities but she probably wasn’t interested in hearing his reply. She was on a mission.

Ok sure, animal cruelty isn’t nice, but can you at least wait until the first date to hand out pamphlets and pull up horrifying YouTube clips?

The guy on the other side of this conversation realized early he was pulling the cord and parachuting out of this eventual plane crash and ended the Match with four simple words.

Vegans. Trying to convert people one Tinder swipe at a time.

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