Guy Claims In His Tinder Profile That He Isn’t Allowed Within 200 Meters Of A Playground…He’s STILL Getting Laid

It’s beginning to look like being self-deprecating on Tinder is a better move than acting like you’re the biggest boss who ever hossed. Girls have an almost unlimited supply of men to deny or reject, so if they’re between two equally attractive guys and one comes off as a douche while the other seems more humble and funny, who you gonna pick? The joker, if you’ve got any sense about you.

But how far is too far when it comes to cracking jokes in your Tinder profile? I can’t answer that because I’m inappropriate and nothing crosses the line for me; I almost literally have 0 boundaries and 0 standards. But would I swipe right on this guy who claims he isn’t allowed within 200 meters of a school or playground?

…probably. If he didn’t have a fucking man bun.

But the real question we all care about is whether or not this guy is getting laid off this profile. According to him his “matches have increased exponentially,” but when it comes to that keyword “exponentially”…

[H/T Reddit]