Women Are Using Tinder To Trick Men Into Doing Chores, And Everyone Is Cool With It, Under One Condition

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As long as there are stupid men they’ll be women looking to take advantage of that stupidity. Now with technology, it’s getting even easier for women to find stupid men.

When Fiona Bloom needed an air conditioner installed in her Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, apartment three weeks ago, she went on Tinder.

The 47-year-old, who has been dating in NYC for the past 20 years, decided to put the app to use after being repeatedly disappointed by the city’s dating pool. “I’ve tried speed dating and all the dating apps, but every time I put my real age, all I get are idiots and losers,” Bloom, a publicist, tells The Post. “I figured, why not make them useful and have them help me around the house?”

Sorry I’m not sorry but the name Fiona Bloom just sounds like the moniker of a straight-up bitch.

Fiona swiped right on a guy wearing overalls and asked him to come over to install her AC. He said yes, got the AC up and running, and he never heard from her again.

After he came over, opened her window and set up her AC, she said thank you — and promptly kicked him out. He later messaged her to go on a proper date, but she never replied and doesn’t regret it.

“I wasn’t attracted to him, but he was very forthcoming,” she says. She messaged him, saying she was only looking for someone to come over to install her air conditioner, making it very clear it wasn’t a date.

Yes, he’s a moron, but damn, that’s colder that her newly AC-ed apartment. But she explained “this isn’t a date” so it’s really all on him.

“It just seems so transparently selfish,” says LA-based dating coach Evan Marc Katz. “It’s equivalent to the guy who has sex with a stranger and never calls her again.Plus, it could be dangerous if the guy feels rejected after he tried winning her over by doing her chores You get the wrong guy on the wrong day, and he has anger issues and yeah — it could be a bad situation.”

The wrong guy who now knows where she lives.

[via NY Post]

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