A Genius Toddler Presented The Most Ratchet, Perfect Solution To One Of Philosophy’s Biggest Ethical Quandaries

The trolley problem has long stumped ethicists and moralists alike since it was first proposed by Philippa Foot in 1967.

It goes something like this. A runaway train is barreling down the tracks about to kill five people tied to the rails.

You stand at a switch. If you throw the lever, the train will be diverted away from those five people, but it will be sent down another track, where one person is tied down. That person will die.

Do you throw the switch and kill one person? Or do nothing and let five die? Quandaries

For the longest time, there was no right answer to this question. Until today. Until a genius toddler solved it.

Move the first person to the track with other five. Kill them all. Let God sort it out.

This toddler is smarter than Peter Singer.

[Via Reddit]