Two Toddlers Tunneled Their Way Out Of Kindergarten For The Most Bro Reason Of All Time

by 3 years ago
Jaguar Car


Now here’s two young bros who not only know what they want but know how to get it.

The toddlers spent days digging a hole under a fence, Andy Dufresne-style, and eventually made their escape during a late afternoon stroll around the school property. The boys were discovered a few hours later in an incredibly unlikely spot — a Jag dealership.

The boys made their way several kilometres to the Jaguar showroom in the Urals city of Magnitogorsk. They slid under the fence after digging out the soil for several days, having meticulously planned their escape. They fled from under the noses of their teachers during a late afternoon walk in the grounds of the kindergarten.

Police were alerted immediately, but by then the boys were well on the way.

A woman noticed them outside the Jaguar showroom as they gazed at the expensive cars. They eagerly told her they were there because they wanted a ‘grown up car’.

It was unclear how much money they had brought with them.

Man, would I kill to hear the planning process of this heist. “Screw this place. They made me eat peas today at lunch. NO ONE MAKES ME EAT FUCKING PEAS! We need out, now!”

This sounds like the greatest Disney movie ever made! Except Disney would screw it up by having the car talk like the guy from Big Bang Theory and the kids are trying to take the car cross country to get the one kid’s mom to date the other kid’s dad.

[via Siberian Times]