You May Never Sit On The Toilet Again After Seeing This Freaking Cobra Some Dude Found In His

What…is up…with all the snakes in toilets these days?! Has this sort of always been happening and we’re just now hearing about it more often?

Just last month a goddamn 12-foot python crawled out of one and tried to bite a guy’s dick off.

Back in January a 5-1/2 foot boa was found in an office toilet.

And now we have a three-foot long freaking cobra discovered in yet ANOTHER toilet!

This time it happened to a man in Thailand named Pollapat Laokamnerdpetch who recorded the snake poking it’s head out of his toilet and seemed remarkably chill about the whole thing.

The Mirror reports that it took rescue workers 30 minutes to free the snake only to have it slither back down the pipes. They eventually captured the bastard by opening up the septic tank.

Man… I may never take a shit again.

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