Tom Hanks Randomly Crashed A Couple’s Wedding Photo Session, Completely Blew The Bride’s Mind


Getty Image

As we well know by now, Tom Hanks seems like one of the coolest bros in Hollywood. Dude is always randomly interacting with us regular folk.

Remember when he found a girl’s student ID and took to social media to make sure she got it back? That’s the Hanks we know and love.

It’s also the one that showed up out of the blue at a couple’s wedding and decided to join in on them taking their portraits.

The person who posted the photos to Reddit said, “Photographer I know was taking pictures for a couples wedding and someone special happened to walked by.”

Then, as if that wasn’t enough to make their day WAY more special than they ever expected, he even tweeted out a selfie with the happy couple…

I guess between Tom Hanks and Bill Murray you just never know when one of these two guys are going to pop up announced.

If you had to pick just one of them though, which one would you prefer to see randomly appear out of thin air? Pretty tough call I’d say.

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