Hot Take Queen Tomi Lahren Might Lose Her Facebook Followers In Her Contract Negotiations

Hot take queen Tomi Lahren is still the hottest thing since sliced bread in the media world. Her viewership numbers are rabid, her takes are spicy, and her fan numbers are ridiculous — 4 million and counting on Facebook, including your loud Republican uncle. Except that very distribution platform is a huge source of her contract negotiation with The Blaze, which is giving her the boot thanks to pro-choice comments made on The View a few weeks ago.

The bottomline: The Blaze owns her fans on Facebook since they wrote her a check to produce her Final Thoughts With Tomi show.  She’s worth significantly less to another media outlet without these numbers unless they’re willing to invest in her rebooting another Facebook page as that outlet’s brand (or straight buying it off The Blaze). TMZ explains:

Sources familiar with the negotiations between Tomi and Blaze brass tell us she’s adamant about keeping her 4.2 million FB fans, but the company has other ideas.

Fact is … TheBlaze owns her Facebook page … and honchos have flexed their muscles by cutting off access to Tomi and her team.

There hasn’t been a single post since Tomi and Glenn Beck butted heads over her announcing on “The View” she was pro-choice.

We’re told Tomi believes she’s more marketable if she brings her Facebook followers to her next gig. As we reported, she has 6 months left on her contract and she’s currently negotiating a severance package which includes a payout and a possible time out where she can’t work anywhere else.

Facebook followers or not, Tomi is going to get PAID wherever she lands. Which brings me to my modest proposition to work for BroBible: We have a snack drawer in our office fridge with three different kinds of string cheeses and get bagels every Monday. Sometimes breakfast on Friday! And all the free seltzer water you can drink.

Just let me know where to send the job offer.

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