Guy On Twitter Unearths Footage Of Tomi Lahren At UNLV And She Seems Kinda Liberal, No?

Conservative hot take queen Tomi Lahren is the unquestionably the biggest name in media right now. In Trump’s America, she’s bigger than Kanye West, Beyonce, and Bruce Springsteen. She’s bigger than Meryl Streep. She’s bigger than any other celebrity snowflakes and all she has to do is hit the “Live” button on Facebook to generation millions and millions of views with her hot takes about participation trophies and whatever else people are pissed off about on any given day.

Earlier this week Twitter unearthed her old tweets from her UNLV days. Maybe it’s just from my seven years of being at BroBible, but I did’t see the big deal there — she raged just like any other normal college kid would rage. If having fun and enjoying college is a crime, consider her guilty. Her response on Facebook was tremendous:

Matt Gehring, in the meanwhile, unearthed some old Tomi college content that shows how the narrative around her talking points has changed since her UNLV days. She hosted a show called “The Scramble” and her talking points were relatively moderate, if not straight up liberal.

Personally, I don’t think the inconsistency is a bad thing. Beliefs change and, yes, even Facebook hot takes are over-dramatized. What’s interesting here is the juxtaposition of past-self vs. current-self in Tomi’s broadcast game.

Calling it now — It’s going to be wild when Tomi’s inevitably hired by Fox News for $20 mil + a year. Hope she still remembers ‘lil ole BroBible when it comes to the White House Correspondents Dinner later this year.

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