These Are The Top 10 Countries That Spend The Most On Prostitutes Y La Sed Es Real

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There are 196 countries in this world. Of those 196, it is reported that prostitution is legal in about 50 of them. The legality of prostitution allows for the revenue generated from it to become public record–thus conducive to a comprehensive ranking on who the biggest sexual deviants on the planet are.

According to Metro,

The data is based on estimated market values from countries where prostitution revenue is available and used public health programs and law enforcement initiatives to come up with the figure.

According to Havoscope, who published the data, the total prostitution revenue worldwide is $186 billion.

The follow list portrays the amount spent per capita for prostitutes in a one-year period.

1. Spain $372
2. Switzerland $291
3. South Korea $165
4. Germany $151
5. Japan $128
6. Bulgaria $122
7. Thailand $63
8. Taiwan $53
9. Ireland $45
10. Israel $42

It is interesting to note that China claims more than a third of the world’s prostitution revenue at $73 billion (almost three times that revenue of Spain, the country who spends the most per capita on prostitutes, who spends $26.5 billion per year), but their are so many goddamn people there the per capita amount is diminished.

As far as the number of sex workers, China tops the list with 5 million workers, followed by India’s 3 million and the U.S. with 1 million.

P.S. South Korea–how did you get bronze? Prostitution is illegal in your country. Keeping it hush-hush you dirty dawgs. *fist bump*

[h/t Metro]

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