These Are The Top 10 Least-Sexy Cities In America Except Number Four Doesn’t Even Belong On The List



A recently conducted “study” (probably more like a questionnaire, if we’re being honest) from found that the following 10 cities had high rates of rejection when people were offered vacations in those destinations:

Data from travel-dating website,, has revealed Tampa to be The Least Sexy City in America, based on member habits. According to the data, 96 percent of members have rejected trip offers to this city on the bay. The international airport and seaport make Tampa easily accessible, but tourists have no inclination of sticking
around. They’re flying in to visit nearby beach cities or jump on a
cruise to far more appealing destinations.

Coming in at a close second is the very unpopular Detroit. This city
is known for its high crime rate which no doubt plays a huge factor
for tourists who would rather skip this troublesome location.

For some reason they don’t mention that the 3% of people who let Tampa sink to spot number one on that list are elderly sufferers of dementia who think “Detroit” is a sunny little coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico, and while the rest of that list seems fairly legitimate (I’d rather shoot myself than take a vacay in Brooklyn), when it comes to number four? Not so much.

  1. Tampa, Florida: 96.42%
  2. Detroit, Michigan: 93.75%
  3. St. Paul, Minnesota: 93.33%
  4. Charleston, South Carolina: 88.24%
  5. West Palm Beach, Florida: 87.18%
  6. Virginia Beach, Virginia: 86.67%
  7. Brooklyn, New York: 82.22%
  8. Phoenix, Arizona: 81.48%
  9. Houston, Texas: 78.26%
  10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 77.78%

Charleston, South Carolina? Really guys? That place is sexy as FUCK. I went there on an away weekend back in college and not only was the town full of stupidly attractive people, but the town ITSELF was sexy – the buildings were pretty, the food was phenomenal and IT WAS ON THE BEACH. Maybe it’s getting rejected because there’s a large population of frat bros struttin’ their stuff around town, but other than that there’s no reason not to visit – you’d think Panama City Beach, Florida would be on there for the reason that their town is made up solely of hammered college students in the spring and ratchet locals during every other season, but NOPE it’s not on here. Scrub out Charleston from number four, throw PCB in and then we’ve got ourselves a list.