You’re Gonna Laugh Your D**k Off When You See This Tortoise Do An Owen Wilson Impression

Owen Wilson, god bless his soul, is not a spectacular actor. He’s been fortunate enough to appear in some great movies over the years, notice I said ‘movies’ and not ‘films’, and in each of those appearances on the big screen, he has always dropped the same one-word phrase…’WOW’.

That’s Owen Wilson’s catchphrase, no more no less. Thankfully for us, it’s also a short enough phrase for a friggin’ tortoise to speak, and this tortoise does one hell of an Owen Wilson impression.

A YouTuber by the name of Rolly Faibel put together this supercut of Owen Wilson saying wow in every movie he’s ever been in and the tortoise responding in kind with his own ‘wow’. This is exactly the type of easy laughing entertainment many bros need on a day like today, after an extremely long election season. It’s okay to laugh.

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