Take A Look Inside The Bedroom Of The Failed Donald Trump Assassin For Some Serious Sensory Overload

As we reported yesterday, a 20-year-old man named Michael Sandford was charged in U.S. District court after attempting to steal a gun from a police officer at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas, with the intent of killing the Republican presidential candidate.

The British man, who suffers from Aspergers and OCD, told investigators he was planning on dying in the attack, which he claims he’s been planning for more than a year. The day before the assassination attempt, Sandford allegedly visited a gun range to learn how to shoot, according to Mirror.

Images of Michael’s camouflaged bedroom have surfaced on Facebook, depicting a serious fascination with guns.

michael sandford

Sandford covered his walls with movie and PlayStation2 posters, most of which centered around violence.

michael sandford 2

In the midst of all gun and violence related memorabilia, Sandford was in possession go stuffed penguins, a polar bear and a Finding Nemo toy.

michael sandford 3

Sanford’s father, Paul, claims that his son would never have committed the crime if push came to shove and may have attempted to do so as a ‘cry for help.’

If I asked him to name the Prime Minister he’d be able to tell me but he wouldn’t know any other politicians. I doubt he would even know who the President of the United States is.

It will be an outside influence as to why he’s done it, he’s never been like that and it’s not something he’d do off his own back. Maybe it was a cry for help.

He would never pull the trigger of the gun if it came to it. In the time leading up to it he was not hostile when we spoke to him, just a little sad.

The 20-year-old reportedly dropped out of school at age 15 because he couldn’t deal with the stresses and was unemployed, living out of his car and in the US illegally.

Sandford was charged in U.S. District court yesterday with “an act of violence on restricted grounds” and could face up to 10 years in prison.

Is Donald Trump’s Presidential Run Inspiring Violence?

[h/t Mirror]

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