Introducing A Limited Edition Hot Sauce So Intense, It Has To Be Bottled In The Same Materials Used In Jet Engines

GE Hot Sauce Image 1

Thrillest / GE

Today is National Hot Sauce Day. Slightly ironic considering over 88 million of us will soon get tons of cold, crappy snow dumped unto our laps. Anyway, let’s all agree to stay warm any way possible.

This new hot sauce from High River Sauces and Thrillist will do the trick.

On National Hot Sauce Day, GE and Thrillist are celebrating the best innovations of advanced super materials and turning up the heat with a spicy new hot sauce. Teaming up with High River Sauces, GE and Thrillist are taking heat to its extreme, engineering a hot sauce m ade with one of the hottest peppers on Earth ­­ the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (with a mean of more than 1.2 million Scoville heat units) ­­ and u sing insights from the materials science labs of GE’s Global Research Centers to create the advanced packaging in which it will be contained.

Now, this sauce will be fiery, but it’s not quite pushing the top of the Scoville Scale. It’s still a scorcher and needs to be packaged in material that can handle the burn. It makes sense to team with the leading authority on what it takes to contain the hottest substances in the world. I mean they make machines like jet engines, locomotives and turbines that all operate at volcanic-­like temperatures.

The limited run of 1,000 sauces will be exclusively sold on later this spring.

Since you’re going grocery shopping today anyway for Snowshitstorm 2016, why not have some fire in your belly for the long weekend? Check out our power rankings of the best store-bought hot sauces available right now.

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