Let’s Watch A Twitch Streamer Go Berserk After Losing $5,000 On One Hand Of Blackjack

Chance Morris AKA Sodapoppin is a very popular entertainer on Twitch and has over 820,000 subscribers and nearly 100,000,000 views. So I’m sure he does fairly decent financially, but no matter the level of his wealth, you never want to lose $5,000 in a half of a second.

On Friday, Sodapoppin was playing online blackjack on a betting site that has live dealers. Morris placed a maximum bet of $5K on the hand where he had 16 and the house had two 6’s. With 40,000 people watching the stream, the dealer dealt himself a 6, beating Morris, causing him lose his goddamn mind. Sodapoppin flew into a screaming fit of rage and even ran straight into a wall. I don’t understand his reaction. He wasn’t involved in an activity called “Sure Thing,” it’s called, “Gambling.”

He should have just jerked off, at least in that scenario of fucking himself he would have had something to show for it.