People On Twitter Are Roasting Taylor Swift For Getting Dumped By Calvin Harris And It’s Truly Glorious



The public’s fascination with celebrities comes and goes in waves: last year everyone was obsessed with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, whereas today people are jerking themselves off to photos of Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid. Taylor Swift rode the hype train for a solid six months back in 2014 when her album came out, but since then she’s been laying pretty low…until Calvin Harris reportedly dumped her, that is.

While Calvin has come out to say that their breakup was at least somewhat amicable, people have been quick to assume that Swift’s next album will be a collection of songs dissing the famous DJ and their relationship. This is her MO, and possibly the only way she pulls inspiration for songs.

Regardless of how Taylor feels about it (and we’ll get to find out her opinion in oh, say, maybe a year from now? How long does it take to cut an album?), the Internet certainly had their opinions as Twitter managed to get the hashtag #IDumpedTaylorSwiftBecause trending, and boy did people roast the hell out of her:

Not everyone was up for the joke though, as some people just HAD to go and get offended because GOD FORBID we lampoon a girl for her thousandth failed relationship:

What’s next, we can’t make fun of a kid falling into a gorilla pit?

Oh wait…

[H/T Uproxx]