Two Creepy Clowns Are Freaking The Hell Out Of A Town In Wisconsin

by 5 years ago

I guess calling clowns creepy is kind of redundant, but these two clowns haunting the town of Waukesha, Wisconsin and the college there, Carroll University, are taking it to 11 on the creepy scale.

Take a look at that photo above posted to Twitter by Nick Bohr of WISN 12 in Milwaukee and tell me if you drove down the street and saw that you wouldn’t about piss your pants.

Here’s how the story goes, according to Nick and WISN

A photo posted on social media began making the rounds over the past few days. WISN 12 News spoke to police, who said the clown dressed in orange is a teenage boy who is developmentally delayed. Officers said they know who he is and that he does it to see people’s reactions.

“He’s doing something out of the ordinary, yes, I’ll admit that, but it’s not harming anyone,” the teen’s mother, Anna Linde, said.

“Both he and his parents were advised several times that it would really help us out if he wouldn’t stand out there doing that,” police said.

“He’ll walk back and forth, dance around, wave at cars. He’s being completely harmless,” Linde said.

“Do you understand where people are coming from that are kind of freaked out about it?” WISN 12 News reporter Nick Bohr asked.

“Clowns, yeah, I understand. Clowns can be freaky,” Linde said.

Freaky would be an understatement…


Oh, but wait, it gets even worse. Now there is apparently a copycat clown who kind of looks like The Joker freaking out people around the town’s college Carroll University…


A quick scan of Twitter shows that the clowning around is showing no signs of slowing down either…


So glad I don’t live in Wisconsin right now.

H/T WISN; The Blemish

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