U.S. Map Shows Which Cost Each State Is Obsessed With, From A Pound Of Weed To A Prostitute

by 4 years ago


We live in a truly gargantuan country. So big that the wants, needs, and interests of dudes living in Florida are as close to those in Oregon as they are to our Mexican brethren to the south. State to state the concerns of citizens drastically vary due to any number of different factors, so the dudes over at Fixr thought it’d be cool to map out those differences by showing which ‘cost’ each state is most obsessed with.

By using Google’s auto-complete feature and typing in ‘How much does a * cost in ‘ the bros over at Fixr were able to paint a pretty weird picture of the USA. For instance, the cost that people form Alabama and Floridians are most concerned with is abortion. Where the cost that New Yorkers and people from Colorado are most concerned about is weed. Virginia, Idaho, Indiana, and California are all obsessed with cosmetic surgery, and the citizens of Texas seem to not care about their children. Hawaiians and Alaskans are understandably concerned with the cost of items that aren’t found in abundance in their remote states (gas and milk, respectively).

Here’s the full U.S. map from Fixr:



The put together a spreadsheet of each of their findings which you can check out HERE.

[TheCannabist via Fixr]