Uber Passenger Threatens To Falsely Accuse Driver Of Rape, Gets Caught On Camera

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It’s scary to think what could’ve happened in this situation if the dashboard camera wasn’t working. This Uber passenger in NYC becomes belligerent, then threatens to falsely accuse the driver of rape if she doesn’t get her way.

What I find most terrifying is how quickly this woman goes with the false rape accusations to get her way. If she’s doing this in an Uber she’s 100% doing this/done this elsewhere in life, and who knows if she’s gotten men in serious trouble doing this before.

Thankfully, this driver had a dashboard camera running the entire time to record this person’s insane antics. Some of the language used in this video is explicit but I’m sure you bros can handle it.

You can see the video directly on LiveLeak here.

This is totally fucked up, we can all agree on that. If I was that driver I would’ve driven straight to a police station, blared on the horn until someone came out, and handed them that video. Though, I suppose he could’ve just walked in the front door.

(H/T R/Videos via LiveLeak)

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